Fellowships and Awards


Fellowships provide funds to support the living and educational expenses of graduate study. If you apply for this merit-based assistance, your application will be judged on the basis of the quality of your previous academic work, on the evidence of your ability to do research and other creative accomplishments, and on your promise of becoming a productive scholar. Except in unusual circumstances, applications for fellowships are considered only once a year; awards are made for the academic year, beginning with the fall quarter. Fellowships can come in the form of a 4-6-year guarantee of support (Regents Special Fellowship, Chancellor’s Fellowships, Eugene-Cota Robles Fellowship, Doctoral Scholars Fellowship), a 1-year fellowship (Graduate Opportunity Fellowship), or the payment of fees and nonresident tuition (Block Grant). If your fellowship includes the payment of fees and/or nonresident tuition, payments will be credited directly to your BARC account prior to payment deadlines. Read the award letter carefully and contact the department if you have questions.

Departmental Awards

The following awards are made by the Department of Geography Awards and Nominations Committee, and the annual number and dollar amount of awards are at the Committee’s discretion. Apart from ongoing Dangermond Travel Awards, awards are normally presented at the last Spring Quarter colloquium.

The Jack & Laura Dangermond Graduate Fellowship

The Jack & Laura Dangermond Travel Scholarship

The Jack Estes Memorial Award

The Leal Anne Kerry Mertes Scholarship

Samantha C. Ying Gamma Theta Upsilon Scholarship

David S. Simonett Memorial Award

Geography Excellence in Teaching

Geography Excellence in Research

The Geography Excellence in Research award is given annually, and the dollar amount of the award varies. The award is presented to one or more graduate students who are making satisfactory progress toward their degrees. Students must have a demonstrated track record; therefore, preference is given to those who have been in the graduate program for more than four quarters. Criteria for the award include, but are not limited to, outstanding presentations at national meetings, important publications, significant research results, and outstanding performance in lab or field experiments. Calls for nominations go out at the end of Winter Quarter, and all nominees must have three support letters, in addition to their own, in the case of a self-nomination.